A Holiday Travel Reminder for Utah Medical Cannabis Patients


The annual holiday season is travel season in the U.S. We have now reached that point on the calendar at which travel starts picking up. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s day, many of us will cross our respective states to visit family members and friends. Some of us will travel across the country. As  Utah medical cannabis patients, just remember this: traveling with your medications can be an interesting proposition.


Although medical cannabis patients have probably heard all this before, what is and is not allowed when you travel is worth reviewing. Let us talk about traveling locally, traveling within the state, and crossing state lines with medical cannabis in your possession.


Local Travel Shouldn’t Be an Issue


Local travel with medical cannabis on your person should not be a problem as long as the amount you possess is at or below the state limit. Also note that you need to carry your medical cannabis card with you in case you are stopped by law enforcement. That card is proof that you can legally possess medical cannabis in Utah.


Of course, all of this assumes that you are driving your own car or riding in some other form of private transportation. There may be some restrictions on some forms of public transport. Check with operators before you begin your travel. They will let you know what is and is not allowed.


Traveling Within the State


Traveling also should not be a problem if you are staying inside of Utah. Again, you are free to drive your car anywhere in the state while in possession of medical cannabis just so long as you are a legal user with a valid card. Just remember that you do not have a license to drive while impaired. So feel free to take your medication with you. Do not feel free to drive if taking your medication makes you unfit to do so.


Traveling Outside the State


All of this gets dicey when medical cannabis patients decide to travel outside of Utah. For all intents and purposes, you cannot carry medical cannabis across state lines. It doesn’t matter whether you are driving a car, riding a bike, or even walking. All the medical cannabis you purchase from Utah cannabis dispensaries must remain within state borders. You also cannot bring cannabis into Utah from elsewhere.


If you are planning to fly, medical cannabis is not allowed regardless of your destination. So even if your flight never leaves Utah airspace, you still cannot take your medications on the plane. Plan accordingly.


Be particularly careful about trying to get cannabis on an interstate or international flight. Even if you are not found out prior to boarding, you could still run into problems once you reach your destination. Needless to say that some jurisdictions – particularly international ones – are not very permissive.


If You Are Planning to Visit


Finally, make a point to understand state laws if you are planning a visit to Utah. You can only use medical cannabis in the Beehive State if you have a valid medical cannabis card from your own home state AND you obtain a temporary non-resident card in Utah. And no, even valid card holders from other states cannot bring their medications with them into the state.


While you digest all of this, we invite you to visit the Beehive Farmacy locations in Salt Lake City and Brigham City. We carry a wide selection of medical cannabis products backed by knowledgeable staff members and a certified pharmacist. We are here to help all of the Utah medical cannabis patients on their journey.