As of July 1, You Can No Longer Buy Medications Out-of-State

One of our goals is to provide access to as many medical cannabis patients as possible. To find relief come visit our marijuana dispensaries in Utah. We have locations in Salt Lake City and Brigham City. If you need a bit of motivation, here’s something that might help – as of July 1, you can no longer buy your cannabis medications out-of-state.

The original medical cannabis law for Utah contained a loophole allowing patients to buy medications from neighboring states. Lawmakers inserted that loophole in order to make up for the fact that some licensed dispensaries wouldn’t be up and running from the start. So what changed?

Dispensary license holders were all required to be fully operational by July 1, 2021. With that date now passed, it was determined that patients would no longer have to rely on dispensaries in other states. The powers that be feel that Utah now has enough capacity to meet demand moving forward.

Interstate Transport Banned

Digging into this most recent change in Utah’s medical cannabis law is fascinating in at least one respect: interstate transport of all marijuana products has been illegal since the 1970s. So even though our law allowed patients to access their medications from neighboring states, those medications technically could not be transported back into the state if they were THC-based.

CBD-based medications were fine. As you may know, CBD is derived from hemp. And ever since the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp cultivation, processing, and possession have been legal across the country. Not so for marijuana and THC. Things on that front remain unchanged to this day.

Promoting Home Delivery

It is understood that many medical cannabis patients in Utah live in rural areas not serviced by medical cannabis pharmacies. It is one of the unfortunate aspects of our current medical cannabis program. Hopefully, things change in the future. The state is working on it, including proposals meant to make home delivery safer and more practical.

The recent availability in accepting electronic payments has made delivery more feasible. There are still some banking hurdles but we see delivery being availble to all. Regulators want to see home delivery throughout the state, sooner rather than later.

Visiting a Utah Pharmacy

In the meantime, the Beehive Farmacy is here to assist patients with reasonable access to Salt Lake and Brigham City. Note that our locations are just two of the fourteen dispensaries currently operating in the state. Also note that a valid medical cannabis card is required to purchase your medications. If you don’t have a card, you’ll need to visit with a qualified medical provider and submit an electronic application to get your card.

When you do visit Beehive Farmacy, we will do everything we can to make sure you get what you need. Our full menu of products includes vaping liquids, edibles, and even dry flower. Our on-staff pharmacist is available to answer your questions and offer sound advice.

If you need further motivation to visit a marijuana dispensary in Utah, remember that you can no longer buy medications outside the state and bring them back in. That practice was banned as of July 1, 2021. All medical cannabis products used in Utah must be bought within our borders, from a licensed pharmacy. Any marijuana purchases made outside the state cannot be brought in, as per state law.