Bountiful Medical Cannabis

Beehive Farmacy is one of a limited number of pharmacies licensed to dispense medical cannabis in the state of Utah. We currently have two locations, one in Salt Lake City and the other in Brigham City. We carry a full selection of high-quality medical cannabis products, including flower, concentrates, edibles, and vapes. 

Where We Are
Our Salt Lake City Beehive Farmacy location is available to serve patients in Bountiful. Salt Lake City is about ten minutes south of Bountiful; Just a short drive down Interstate 15 will get you to our pharmacy. 

How to Become a Beehive Patient
In order to purchase medical cannabis from Beehive Farmacy, you must be registered as one of our patients. However, there’s nothing to worry about. Becoming a Beehive Farmacy patient is simple. 

If you already have an active medical cannabis card, you will need to register with us. You can do so by consulting with a Beehive pharmacist. Just click either the ‘talk to a pharmacist’ or ‘new patient’ link at the top of any page of our website. Follow the instructions to book an appointment with one of our pharmacists. 

Following a successful consultation, you will be registered as a Beehive Farmacy patient. You will then be free to purchase medical cannabis products from either location. 

Obtaining a Medical Cannabis Card
If you don’t already possess an active medical cannabis card, you will need to get one. First, you locate a qualified medical professional (QMP) or limited medical professional (LMP) willing and able to evaluate your medical condition. 

Your primary care doctor can act as an LMP if they are willing. If not, take a look at the state’s medical cannabis website. It provides a complete list of QMPs and LMPs throughout Utah. 

You will also need to submit an online application through the state’s electronic verification system (EVS). Just set up a new account and then click the link to apply for a new card. You begin the application process, see your doctor for the medical evaluation, then complete the application and pay your fee. That’s it. You will get your card electronically. 

About QMPs and LMPs
Note that any doctor, advanced practice nurse, or orthopedist with prescribing authority in Utah can function as an LMP for up to fifteen patients at a time. QMPs are medical professionals with prescribing authority who have undertaken additional education and been certified by the state. They can recommend cannabis to a total number of patients equal to 1.5% of the number of currently active card holders. 

We recommend the following QMPs in the Bountiful area: 

Ordering Product From Beehive
Medical cannabis patients in Bountiful can purchase products from our Salt Lake City location. Purchases can be made in-store or online. Online purchases can be picked up in store or via our three lane drive through. 

The best bet is to order online whenever possible. Online orders are fast and convenient. In addition, ordering online allows you to schedule pickup at your convenience. 

First time customers will have to present a physical copy of their medical cannabis cards for in-store or drive through pickups. A physical card is also required to register for an in-store shopping experience. Existing customers need only present their cards at renewal time. Other than that, the records we have on file will suffice. 

Bountiful medical cannabis patients are invited to visit the Beehive Farmacy locations in Salt Lake City. We are a short drive to pickup your medications supported by friendly and knowledgeable state-licensed pharmacist.