Cannabis Regulation in Utah Helps Keep Patients Safe

We have pretty good medical cannabis laws here in Utah. No doubt that some state residents would prefer that cannabis were completely unregulated. We get that. Yet there are particularly good reasons for cannabis regulation in the way our state does. One of the biggest is maintaining patient safety. That should be chief priority for any medical program involving any type of medicine or procedure.

Among the many regulations in Utah cannabis law is the requirement to purchase medical cannabis from a state-licensed cannabis pharmacy. In Utah, any and all cannabis consumed here must be acquired through a pharmacy. Likewise, licensed processors can only sell to licensed pharmacies, at least for now. The processors can only purchase cannabis biomass from licensed growers.

The entire pipeline is set up to ensure that plants are cultivated, harvested, and processed into medical cannabis products in a safe way. All along the line there is plenty of testing to guarantee this. So when a customer visits our pharmacy in either Brigham City or Salt Lake City, there is confidence in the knowledge that all the products we sell are safe.

Not a New Principle

Safety is obviously not a new medical principle that only emerged with medical cannabis. It has been part of medical science and healthcare delivery from the very start. Let’s face it, not making safety a priority in healthcare makes about as much sense as ignoring fire safety and still hoping to prevent fires. Safety is part of the equation.

Every drug therapy approved by the FDA goes through rigorous testing that requires years to complete. Pharmaceutical companies need to demonstrate, first and foremost, that their new drug will not harm the people who take it. Then they need to prove efficacy on top of that.

When doctors write prescriptions, they must do so with safety in mind. This is why doctors want to know about all the medications and supplements you might be taking before a new prescription is written. Things are not any different with medical cannabis. The state wants medical cannabis patients to be able to use cannabis safely. Much of the cannabis regulation we have in Utah have been instituted for that very reason.

Buy From a Licensed Pharmacy

We say all that to say this: we encourage you to purchase all your medical cannabis from a licensed pharmacy. There are more than a dozen licensed pharmacies across Utah, and home delivery is now available throughout the state as well. Again, our two pharmacies are located in Brigham City and Salt Lake City.

You do need a valid medical cannabis card to purchase from a pharmacy in Utah. Getting your card is a process that involves submitting an online application, visiting with a medical provider to get a recommendation, and paying the required application fee. Cards are approved relatively quickly and issued electronically. Cards are now approved for up to one year.

Safe Medicine Is Good Medicine

Here in Utah, cannabis is only approved for medical purposes. When you purchase gummies, tinctures, vape products, etc. from Beehive Farmacy, you are purchasing medicine. We want your medicine to be safe. So does the state. Cannabis regulation is designed to ensure that.

Safe medicine is good medicine capable of helping you find relief from your symptoms. Whether it is pain, insomnia, seizures, or something else altogether, you use medical cannabis because it helps you feel better. That’s the whole point. You are able to do that here in Utah because we have a reasonable regulatory system that keeps you safe.