Top 3 Reasons to Consult with a Beehive Farmacy Pharmacist

A normal part of obtaining medical cannabis from Beehive Farmacy is consulting with a medical cannabis pharmacist. All first-time medical marijuana patients are required to consult with our pharmacist before we can dispense product. There are multiple reasons for this, beginning with the fact that the law requires it.

It is the pharmacist’s responsibility to ensure that the medical cannabis products we dispense do not cause adverse reactions or endanger patient health due to interactions with other prescription medications. Legislators had that in mind when they created the requirement to consult with a pharmacist.

Above and beyond the legal requirement, there are three more reasons – and good ones at that – to consult with a Beehive Farmacy pharmacist before making your purchase:

1. Pharmacists Understand Delivery Methods

Utah law allows for a variety of delivery methods including vaping, tinctures, topicals, capsules, and tablets. The active ingredients that might help your medical condition are absorbed into the body differently, depending on the delivery method you choose.

A knowledgeable cannabis pharmacist knows the different delivery methods inside and out. They understand how a particular delivery method would provide the type of relief you seek. They also understand that certain qualifying conditions are best treated by certain delivery methods.

In short, the cannabis pharmacist is the most qualified individual to recommend the appropriate delivery methods. We say ‘methods’ because the pharmacist might recommend more than one. It really depends on your qualifying conditions and the symptoms these produce.

2. Pharmacists Understand Dosage

Hand-in-hand with delivery methods is dosage. According to the law, it is the pharmacist’s responsibility to determine dosage if the patient’s QMP doesn’t feel comfortable in doing so. This makes perfect sense. Dosage is one of the things that pharmacists study in school. They understand, better than anyone else, how dosage affects the patient based on age, weight, overall health, and other factors.

Pharmacists also account for the fact that there are different strains of medical cannabis with varying levels of THC and a variety of terpenes. Why is this important? Because one strain may produce a different reaction compared to another. Some strains may not be good for people with anxiety. Some strains produce euphoric feelings and others do not.

Because there are different strains and delivery methods, dosage may vary from one medical cannabis product to the next. A QMP cannot be expected to keep track all of it. The cannabis pharmacist can. It is their job to know these things.

3. Pharmacists Can Help Modify Treatments

Finally, the pharmacist is the ideal professional to help you modify your treatments as necessary. To facilitate that, the state encourages patients to track their daily usage by way of a daily tracking journal available on the state medical cannabis website for free. By printing and completing that form, patients have a record that they can take with them every time they visit the pharmacy.

The information on the form gives the Beehive Farmacy pharmacists vital information that helps them understand how certain products and dosages are helping the patient. They can discuss the results with the patient and suggest modifications to ongoing treatments.

A certified cannabis pharmacist truly is the most qualified person to help the patient get the most from medical cannabis treatments. Whenever you visit Beehive Farmacy, plan to spend at least some time consulting with our pharmacist. Also, do not be afraid to ask any questions or voice any concerns you might have during your consultation. Our goal is to make sure you experience the fullest possible benefits from your treatment. Our pharmacist is here to help you do so.