Using the EVS to Apply for or Renew a Medical Cannabis Card

Applying for a medical cannabis card in Utah starts with visiting the electronic verification system (EVS) website. The EVS is also used to renew an existing card. Note that to either apply for or renew a medical cannabis card is a three-step process. You complete two of the steps while your QMP or a Beehive Farmacy pharmacist completes the other.

The first step is to log on and begin either the application or renewal process. The second step involves visiting with the QMP or LMP. Upon completion of that visit, the QMP logs on to the EVS and enters the required information on your behalf. If your provider is an LMP a Beehive Farmacy pharmacist will be entering your recommendation into EVS. Finally, you log back into EVS to complete the third step. It may sound complicated, but it is actually pretty easy.

Starting the Process

You can find details of how this works by visiting the FAQ section of the website. When you are ready to start the process, point your browser to The EVS website is the starting point for all new applications and renewals.

If you are applying for a first card, you will have to set up an account and choose a username or password. You are pretty familiar with that concept so there’s no need for us to add any details. Once you have your account set up, log in, then click on ‘Tracking Inbox’ in the top left corner of the site. Then click on ‘New Patient’.

The site will lead you through the process of completing your first application. When you’re done, save the changes and make an appointment to see your QMP or LMP.

If you’re looking to renew a medical cannabis card, visit the EVS website with your account credentials. Click on ‘Tracking Inbox’ and then ‘Patient’. Next, click on your name and verify that the information is correct. Click on ‘Submit for Certification’. This will automatically update your account so that your QMP can complete their step.

Visiting Your QMP or LMP

State law requires patients to visit with their QMP or LMP in person, at least for the initial visit. In either case, your visit will prompt the QMP to go into the EVS. They will have some additional information to enter into your account, as well as verifying that you are eligible to use medical cannabis under state law. If you visit with a LMP your Beehive Farmacy pharmacist will enter the information into EVS.

There isn’t much for the QMP to do inside the EVS, at least on your behalf. It is not unreasonable that your QMP would update your account even while you are in the office. Then it is up to you to complete the process.

Making Payment

Following your QMP or LMP visit, you log back into the EVS using your credentials. Follow the same process to get to your account. Provided the QMP or pharmacist has completed the second step, you should see your account status listed as ‘Awaiting Payment’. You should also get an email from the state letting you know of the status change.

Within your account, click the ‘Payment’ tab then the ‘+New’ link. Now you can make payment with a credit or debit card. Once payment is complete, you will be redirected back to your EVS account.

Visit Beehive Farmacy

With your valid medical cannabis card in hand, you can visit Beehive Farmacy in either Brigham City or Salt Lake City. We offer a full selection of medical cannabis products including vapes, gummies, and tinctures. Both of our locations are staffed by experienced and qualified professionals more than ready to help you choose the right medicine.

Remember that the EVS is the starting point for renewing your card or applying for that first card. It is a fairly easy system to use, so don’t sweat it.