What Every Patient Should Know Before the First Pharmacy Visit

Whether you choose to refer to Beehive Farmacy as a medical marijuana dispensary or pharmacy, the fact is that you can only purchase medical cannabis legally in Utah through a licensed establishment like ours. If you just recently got your medical cannabis card, you may have been previously unaware of the rule.

It turns out that there is a lot to learn about Utah’s medical cannabis program. We couldn’t possibly cover it all in a single blog post. However, we can let you in on a few secrets. If you are new to medical cannabis as a card holder, here are some things you should know before your very first pharmacy visit:

We Must Verify Your Card

A medical cannabis card is effectively a license to visit and purchase products from a Utah medical cannabis pharmacy. We cannot sell you anything without first verifying your card. That means you need to bring it with you when you visit either Beehive Farmacy location in Salt Lake City or Brigham City.

You should have received your card via email. You are free to print out a hard copy and carry it with you. However, you can also download and store your card on your phone. Just bring your phone with you and you will be good to go.

You’ll Have Choices

Although we talk about medical cannabis as prescription cannabis, you will not get a traditional written prescription from your medical provider. Instead, you’ll visit Beehive Farmacy and choose from a selection of products we have on the shelf. It is a lot like shopping for over the counter (OTC) medications at a grocery store pharmacy.

Needless to say, you’ll have choices. You will get to choose from a number of different brands as well as different delivery methods. You will also get to choose your dosage within the constraints of a particular product. Don’t worry. It is going to take some trial and error to figure out what works best for you.

We Are Here to Help You

The pharmacy agents and pharmacy medical providers (PMPs) employed by Beehive Farmacy are here to help you. Never be afraid to ask questions. If you have questions a pharmacy agent cannot answer, our on-staff PMP should be able to help.

Incidentally, the PMP can be a valuable resource in helping you figure out dosage and delivery method. A PMP is a licensed pharmacist with a specialty in medical cannabis. No one is more qualified to help you figure out your medications than a pharmacist.

Tracking Helps a Lot

Speaking of working with a PMP to figure out delivery method and dosage, tracking medical cannabis consumption helps a lot. Tracking provides data a PMP can use to inform answers to your questions. The data is an invaluable resource when you need advice from your PMP.

How do you track? It is as simple as writing everything down. Write down what you use, the date and time you used it, the delivery method and dosage, and how it made you feel. You can create your own spreadsheet or use a downloadable form provided by the state. You can keep track by using a note-taking app on your phone. Whatever works for you will help your PMP.

As a new card holder, we want to welcome you to the medical cannabis community. Medical cannabis is as much a journey as it is a way to manage your symptoms. We would like to help you along that journey if we can. We are here to answer your questions and supply you with the medications you need.