Yes, We Cann

The smoke is starting to clear on Utah’s experiment with medical marijuana.

Originally published in City Weekly

More than 47,000 Utahns are medical cannabis patients, according to the latest numbers from the Utah Department of Health. That means that out of every 100 people in Utah, at least one bothered to register with the state, pay a series of fees and obtain a prescription from an honest-to-God medical professional to cover the marijuana they use.

The actual number of regular marijuana users in the Beehive State is certainly larger. And according to the Utah Department of Health, cannabis sales in the state-sanctioned market exceeded $90 million in 2021, to say nothing of the un-sanctioned market.

It’s true, dear reader. Weed—the Devil’s Lettuce, the Jolly Green Ganja, Reefer!—is in your community. It’s in your workplace. It’s in your houses of worship. It may even be in your own home.

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