Beehive Farmacy Now Carries the Popular Cookies Brand

One of our goals as a Utah medical cannabis dispensary is to make sure our patients always have access to the highest quality products from well-known brands they can trust. With that in mind, we are happy to announce that we are now carrying the well-known Cookies brand.

You can find Cookies products at both our Salt Lake City and Brigham City locations. And as always, you can order online. Feel free to browse our online store to get a good idea of all the medical cannabis products we carry.

A Lifestyle Brand

Cookies bills itself as a brand that represents “a lifestyle of excellence, quality, and taste.” They believe in helping their customers live their best lives possible. They do so by growing unique strains intended to give customers choices in their search for the perfect product.

Though we are extremely proud to offer Cookies to Utah in both of our pharmacy locations, the brand itself is not limited to Utah. Cookies is an international brand with operations throughout the U.S. and Europe. Their specialty is cultivating new and unique strains.

Learn More About the Brand

If you would like to learn more about the Cookies brand, we encourage you to do some online research. We also hope you will feel comfortable speaking with our on-site pharmacist when you visit either of our locations. Our pharmacists can discuss with you how Cookies brand products might help based on their medicinal effects and your particular condition.

Should you decide to try the brand, we recommend tracking it and comparing the results against other medical cannabis products you have tried. By tracking the results and sharing that information with our pharmacist, we can help you make your medical cannabis journey as productive as possible.

You Need a Medical Cannabis Card

As always, it is not possible to visit either our Brigham City or Salt Lake City pharmacies in search of Cookies brand products without possessing a valid Utah medical cannabis card. The card is essentially a passport that allows you to take your medical cannabis journey.

Obtaining a card is not terribly difficult. To qualify, you must be a Utah resident of legal age. You must also be diagnosed with one of the medical conditions on Utah’s qualifying list. Those conditions include chronic pain, cancer, and PTSD (but there are plenty more besides).

Card applicants begin by registering with the state’s electronic verification system (EVS) and, if necessary, obtaining a Utah ID. Next, the applicant visits with a medical provider or QMP with prescribing authority in the state. The medical provider completes their part of the application, allowing the applicant to finish up and pay the fee.

The state legally has up to 15 days to review and render a decision on an application. But truthfully, reviews tend to happen a lot more quickly. Should your application be approved, you will get the medical cannabis card via email. You can store it on a mobile device or print a paper copy. Either way, you will need to have it with you when you visit our dispensary.

All About Making You Feel Better

Medical cannabis in Utah is all about making you feel better. As a patient, you have consulted with your medical provider and determined your symptoms are best managed with medical cannabis. We are behind you 100%.

We invite you to visit either one of our locations or online stores for Salt Lake City or Brigham City so that you can get your hands on some Cookies brand products. You may try them and decide they are the best brand for you. And if not, we carry many other brands from companies with solid reputations you can trust.