Do You Know How to Read Medical Cannabis Product Labels?

Did you know that medical cannabis product labels have undergone some recent changes? Thanks to adjustments to labeling requirements, patients now have access to more information than ever before. The key to maximizing that information is knowing how to read product labels. Where are you in this regard?

Whether you visit the Beehive Farmacy in Brigham City or Salt Lake City, every product will come with a two-part label. You will get:

  • A Patient Label – The patient label contains information about you, us, the product you purchased and any warnings or advisements pertaining to it. This portion of the label can either be attached to the product or given to you as a separate receipt.
  • A Product Label – The product label offers detailed information about what you just purchased. This part of the label can either be a flower fact panel or a concentrate fact panel. It depends on what you have purchased.

The flower fact panel offers information about the flower you bought. It includes information about where the plant was cultivated, when it was harvested and tested, its weight, its expiration date, and more. This panel only applies to unprocessed flower. If you are buying anything else, you’ll get a concentrate fact panel.

The concentrate fact panel tells you how much THC is in the product, the manufacturing batch it pertains to, the date of its testing and packaging, its expiration date, and its cannabinoid profile. There should also be a list of ingredients as well.

Keep Your Labels

We strongly encourage Beehive Farmacy customers to keep their labels until the purchased products have been completely consumed. It is especially important to keep the patient label whenever you’re traveling with medical cannabis on your person. That way, you can prove your eligibility to possess by showing law enforcement both your medical cannabis card and the patient label.

The idea here is to be able to prove that the cannabis in your possession is the same cannabis you purchased at Beehive. Not having the product label with you doesn’t automatically make you guilty of anything, but it’s just easier for everyone involved if you have the label with you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Pharmacist

Medical cannabis product labels are pretty straightforward for most veteran users. However, people who do not understand the labels aren’t alone. Labels can provide confusing information that is hard to wrap your brain around. The good news is that medical cannabis pharmacists are a treasure trove of information.

If you are ever confused by a product label, do not be afraid to ask your pharmacist for clarification. By the way, this goes for anything having to do with medical cannabis. Pharmacists are the most qualified professionals to help you understand all the medical and technical aspects of medicating with cannabis.

Pharmacists are intimately familiar with the endocannabinoid system. They have been trained to recognize how medications affect the human body. If anyone has qualified answers to your questions, it is your medical cannabis pharmacist.

Always Purchase from a Pharmacy

In closing, we want to encourage Utah’s medical cannabis patients to always purchase their medications from a licensed pharmacy. Everyone involved in the medical cannabis pipeline is required to follow a set of rules and regulations designed to ensure patient safety. If you’re buying off the street, you don’t have the benefit of those rules and regulations.

Product labels play a key role in helping you understand your medicines. Next time you make a purchase at Beehive Farmacy, take a look at the labels. You might be surprised by how much valuable information they contain.