Important Things to Know About Utah Medical Cannabis Pharmacies

Medical cannabis pharmacies are on the front lines in Utah. We are the ones who legally dispense cannabis-based therapies to active card holders. Our techs are the ones who offer advice about products and their ingredients. Meanwhile, our on-site pharmacists dispense qualified advice on dosage and delivery.

Cultivators, processors, and testers are also important to Utah’s medical cannabis industry. But pharmacies are the face of the industry. Pharmacies are the link between the industry and medical cannabis patients. That being the case, we believe there are some important things every patient should know about Utah medical cannabis pharmacies.

1. We Are Licensed by the State

First and foremost, every medical cannabis pharmacy in Utah must be licensed by the state. Our pharmacies in Salt Lake City and Brigham City certainly are. Anyone selling cannabis outside of a licensed pharmacy is breaking the law. We do not say that to be confrontational or accusatory; it is simply the fact of the matter.

As licensed pharmacies, we must adhere to strict rules governing how we operate our businesses. Pharmacy owners are not allowed to just do anything. We also need to renew our licenses periodically.

2. We Cannot Sell Anything We Want

Cannabis pharmacies in the state are strictly regulated in terms of what we can sell. State law only allows a limited number of delivery methods including vaping, dry heating, ingestion, topical formulations, and tinctures. We cannot sell any products that utilize other forms of delivery.

Utah medical cannabis pharmacies must only sell products cultivated and processed in the state. We aren’t allowed to import products from outside of Utah.

3. We Must Employ On-Site Pharmacists

Utah medical cannabis pharmacies must always have a pharmacist on duty during business hours. If you were to visit our Salt Lake City pharmacy and ask to speak to the pharmacist, that wouldn’t be a problem. Likewise for our Brigham City pharmacy. Pharmacists are always on hand to answer questions, offer advice, and discuss any concerns patients might have.

4. We Can Only Sell to Valid Cardholders

State law dictates that we can only sell medical cannabis products to valid cardholders. All customers wishing to purchase medical cannabis must hold a valid card issued by the state of Utah. The state does not recognize cards from other states or offer any type of reciprocity.

Having said that, there is a workaround for out-of-state residents visiting Utah. Temporary visitor cards can be obtained in advance of a person’s visit. Temporary cards are good for 21 days and visitors can apply for up to two cards per year.

5. We Are the Only Retail Source of Legal Cannabis

Finally, licensed medical cannabis pharmacies in Utah are the only source for legal cannabis in the state. If you buy cannabis products from any individual or organization outside of a licensed pharmacy, you are breaking the law. Again, we do not say this to be harsh. We are simply stating what the law says.

Bear in mind that all medical cannabis consumed in Utah must be purchased from a Utah pharmacy. Residents are no longer allowed to purchase medical cannabis in other states and bring it across the border. Likewise, out-of-state visitors are not allowed to bring cannabis with them into Utah. Technically, they cannot even pass through while in possession.

Utah has one of the best developed medical cannabis laws in the country. It is more strict than other states, but our program seems to work very well for patients, medical providers, and pharmacies alike. And now you know more about pharmacies than you did before.