New Year’s Resolution: Make 2024 the Year You Start Tracking

A while back we published a blog post explaining why the state would prefer that medical cannabis patients track their consumption. We mentioned the fact that the state even provides a mobile-friendly tracking journal that patients can download and use free of charge. If you haven’t yet made any resolutions for the new year, we have a suggestion: make 2024 the year you start tracking.

Tracking is a pretty simple exercise. It takes a little effort, but it is by no means complicated. On the other hand, it could reap significant benefits by way of helping you discover the best medical cannabis products for your condition and how to use them as effectively as possible.

An Easy Concept

Tracking medical cannabis consumption is an easy concept in principle. Tracking involves keeping a record of what you use, how frequently you use it, your typical dosage, and how you feel as a result. You then take your records with you every time you visit Beehive Farmacy – or any other pharmacy for that matter. Why?

Your Beehive pharmacist wants to help you maximize the benefits of medical cannabis. The best way to equip the pharmacist to help you is to provide a record of your consumption. Data helps the pharmacist understand what you are using and how well it’s working. From there, additional recommendations can be made.

Do It Digitally or on Paper

We also want you to know that tracking is easy to do. You can track your consumption digitally or on paper. Should you choose to use the state-provided form, you can download it to your device and use it right there. Alternatively, you can print multiple copies on paper and enter the data by hand. It is entirely up to you which way you want to go.

Doing it digitally offers the advantage of not having to keep track of paper documents or carrying documents with you to the pharmacy. Keeping the tracking form on your phone means it is always with you wherever you go. That’s pretty handy. Still, do not be afraid to use paper documents if your mind is better attuned to that sort of thing.

Here’s another tip: enter all the data accurately. Whether you track digitally or on paper, don’t try to fudge the numbers in order to give your pharmacist a different view of your cannabis consumption. A pharmacist cannot properly advise you if you are not providing accurate information.

More Effective Medication

We concur with the state’s recommendation to track medical cannabis usage. Here’s why: medical cannabis is vastly different from most prescription drugs. Patients can choose from a variety of different delivery methods, cannabinoid and terpene profiles, and even brands. The many variations all play into how effective a particular medication is.

We assume you want your medicines to be as effective as possible. So do we. But reaching medical cannabis nirvana often requires trying multiple products and delivery methods. It almost always requires experimenting with different cannabinoid and terpene profiles. The only way to make sense of it all in hopes of finding the ideal medication for you is to track your consumption.

Are you the kind of person who makes new year’s resolutions? If so, why not resolve to start tracking your cannabis consumption in 2024? We have yet to meet a patient who started tracking and then regretted doing so. Tracking how you use medical cannabis, and how medical cannabis makes you feel, gives you and your pharmacist the knowledge you both need to make wise decisions for your long-term cannabis journey.