The Beginner’s Guide to Getting a Utah Medical Cannabis Card

New patients are signing up for the Utah medical cannabis card every month. Signups have been so robust that the state reported more than 70,000 active card holders in the October 2023 program update. That being the case, it is always good to review the basics. A case in point is reviewing how to obtain a medical cannabis card in the Beehive State.


We are happy to report that getting a card is not particularly complicated. State lawmakers and regulators have made the process pretty simple. Just understand that you need to possess a valid card to purchase products from the Beehive Farmacy locations in Brigham City and Salt Lake City. In fact, you need a card to buy medical cannabis anywhere in Utah.


Applications Are Submitted Online


One of the things we most appreciate about Utah’s medical cannabis program is that regulators have made a point of taking advantage of technology. Take the medical cannabis card application. You submit it online. There is nothing to download or print. You don’t need to carry paper documents to your doctor’s office.


Applying starts with creating an account on the state website. You have to be registered with UtahID first, so make sure you take care of that first. With your account established, you can begin the application process by submitting the first round of information the state requests.


You will complete the application once you have seen a medical provider. The medical provider’s responsibility is to determine your eligibility for a card and whether treating your condition with medical cannabis is appropriate. They must also submit information online. Once that has been done, you can go back into your account and finish your part of the process.


Approval Could Take 15 Days


Beehive Farmacy website visitors often ask us how long it takes to get a card. That depends on a number of things. You need to consider how long it takes to get in to see your medical provider. Also factor in the time it takes to complete the online application. Once the application is received by the state, it could take up to 15 days to get approval. That is not to say you will wait that long, but you could.


The 15-day window applies to adult patients with qualifying medical conditions. When it comes to minors and those without qualifying medical conditions, applications need to be approved by the Compassionate Use Board. Unfortunately, the board only meets monthly. It could take up to 90 days to get approval under such conditions.


The Card is Digital


State approval leads to a medical cannabis card being issued in your name. Note that the card is a digital document. Most of our patients carry their cards on their phones. However, you are free to print your card on paper if you wish. Just remember that you need to carry your card with you whenever you visit a medical cannabis pharmacy. Pharmacies are required by law to verify your card before they can sell you product.


Finally, Utah medical cannabis cards are good for one year. An exception exists when a patient’s medical provider feels that a shorter duration is necessary. If your medical provider thinks you would be better off with a 6-month card, for example, they will let you know during your visit.


So there, you have the basics of medical cannabis cards in Utah. There is a lot more to learn about medical cannabis, but be patient and take your time. Once you have a card, we encourage you to visit one of our Utah cannabis pharmacies and speak with our pharmacist. You will be glad you did.