Our Refresher Guide to Medical Cannabis Home Delivery

If you are among the many new medical cannabis patients in Utah, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by all there is to learn. We get it. It can take a while to grasp the basics of how the state’s medical cannabis program works. Take home delivery. It is not as simple as it sounds.

Ordering medical cannabis and having it delivered to your home is on a whole different plane. It’s not like placing an Amazon order. Medical cannabis home delivery is subject to extremely strict rules that ensure everything is done on the up and up. The rules protect patients, delivery drivers, and pharmacies alike.

Delivery Is Available Statewide

The starting point for understanding medical cannabis home delivery in Utah is knowing that it is available statewide – at least according to the law. Medical cannabis pharmacies can contract with delivery companies to get their products into every corner of the state.

Not Always Same-Day

Despite home delivery being available statewide, there are no guarantees that any particular delivery will be same-day. Customers living in metro areas like Salt Lake City are more likely to get same-day service. Patients living in rural areas may have to wait a day or two. That’s important to note in light of the remaining rules for home delivery.

Delivery Only to Patient Homes

Scheduling delivery a day or two out requires planning for the simple fact that deliveries can only be made to patient homes. You cannot have medical cannabis delivered to your workplace or a friend’s house. You cannot have a delivery driver meet you in a public park or at the post office.

In addition, the home address you want your package delivered to must match the address on file for you in the state’s electronic verification system (EVS). If your address has changed since your last renewal, make sure to go into the system and update it.

You Must Be There to Receive the Delivery

State regulations also require that the patient be present to accept delivery when it arrives. This means several things from a practical standpoint. First, a family member cannot accept a delivery for you. Do not schedule delivery for a time when you will be at work or elsewhere. You must accept the delivery yourself.

A neighbor cannot accept it on your behalf. Neither can a child, the babysitter, or anyone else. And finally, your package cannot be left on the porch or inside the garage. The delivery driver must physically hand it to you after checking your ID and medical cannabis card.

Payments Are Made in Cash

For the time being, medical cannabis transactions in Utah are cash transactions. When your delivery arrives, you’ll need to have cash to pay the driver. No credit cards or debit cards are accepted. As for personal checks, don’t count on it. Medical cannabis pharmacies tend to lack access to traditional banking services. Accepting checks is too much of a hassle.

When your delivery arrives, it will arrive in a plain, nondescript vehicle that will not show any indications of the cargo being carried. Do not be surprised by that. State regulations require it as a means of protecting delivery companies and their employees.

Medical cannabis home delivery is available throughout Utah. If you are homebound, live a considerable distance from a pharmacy, or just don’t want to take a trip to the pharmacy yourself, you can have your medicines delivered to your home. Be sure to ask about delivery on your next purchase from Beehive Farmacy in either Brigham City or Salt Lake City.