Utah Introduces Active Conditional Status for New Cards

The state has just announced another important change to the Utah medical cannabis program. Previous to the change, it could take up to 15 days from application for a card to be approved and activated. Now, the state recognizes what is called Active Conditional Status for new card applications.

What does this mean? Simply put, new medical cannabis cards will immediately be made active as soon as payment is processed. However, activation is conditional. We will explain what that means in a minute.

The obvious benefit is that new patients can immediately start accessing medical cannabis at a licensed cannabis pharmacy the very same day their application payments are processed by the state. That means immediate relief right after your QMP appointment. It is a good move by the state and one that was sorely needed.

Active Conditional Status Details

The state announced the rule change with their August 2022 program update. You can read about it here. As far as the details are concerned, we have already mentioned that conditional cards are activated as soon as payments are processed. Here are the rest of the details:

  • Conditional status remains for 60 days. Provided nothing changes within that time, a new card automatically transitions to active status after 60 days.
  • During the conditional status period, DHHS may request additional information from the patient or medical provider.
  • Active conditional cards are subject to “random or targeted review”, as stated in the August program report.

What all of this means is that the state will no longer require new patients to wait up to 15 days to get an active card. Let’s say you haven’t received your medical cannabis card yet. You can visit with a medical provider and then complete and submit your application, along with payment.

As soon as the state processes your payment, which could very well be the same day, you will be granted an active conditional card. Meanwhile, the state will review your application for approval. If more information is needed, they will contact you or your medical provider.

When Approval Is Granted

Assuming approval is granted, you don’t have to do anything else. Your card will automatically transition to an active card after the conditional period. You will still have to renew your card after six months. That hasn’t changed.

Should your application not be approved, you will be notified by the state. At that point your conditional card will be invalidated, and you will no longer be eligible to purchase medical cannabis.

Making Access Easier and Faster

The new rule is really hard to not like. Introducing the Active Conditional Status just makes access easier and faster. For patients who have an urgent need for their medicine and cannot wait for up to 15 days, this new status will allow them immediate relief.

As always, every medical cannabis patient with a valid card is welcome at Beehive Farmacy. Just know that we are required to check the status of your card. Bring it with you on your phone and ask us to print you a copy of your card when you arrive at Beehive Farmacy. Either way works for us.

If you don’t yet have your card, you can begin the application process on the state website. Then make an appointment to see a medical provider who can legally recommend medical cannabis. After that visit, you can complete your application and make payment.

Now that the state allows Active Conditional Status, we suspect that the process for obtaining a medical cannabis card will get easier for many patients. We think this is a good change and one that will be welcomed throughout the medical cannabis community.